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History Of Handiyal.

Handiyal is a Historical place of Bangladesh. According to history & tradition it is enrichment Neighborhood. Belonging to that time of British Administration until 1948 it was Thana Headquarter. Because of havey earthquake in 1948 all architecture fracture of HANDIYAL and then move the thana head quarter to the chatmohar (present chatmohar upozila). British Administration after Pakistan administration then Bangladesh, during this period now HANDIYAL is a straightforward Union which geographical location is the northern part of Pabna and south by Nator and north by sirajganj district of Bangladesh . During British colony it was famous for Blue cultivation, that’s golden proof is Blue cottage (made by Major-General Lord Clive) and oldest Hindu Temple of Bangladesh.

With large scale residential development in 1949s, Handiyal become a biggest union of Chatmohar. The resident of Handiyal is very social minded one of them is M. A. Samad who is the founder of M A Samad Technical & Business Management Colleg.Total population of handiyal is more than 20776, and education rate is 20.6%(Education rate of bangladesh is 32.8%). People of Handiyal is very Political alert, last UP electition was nine antagonist and they select present Chairman of Handiyal Md Robiul Karim, who is a former Goverment primary school Teacher. Although the Education rate of around 20%, but education rate climbing very high. The large amount of student are under numerous position such as engineering, medical, Textile Technology, Hotel managments,Aeronautics, and so one: on of them who born here and present study at Aircraft Operation at New York,United States Of America.His Desire to become Pilot.

The resident of Handiyal is very peaceful and equable,various religous people are liveing together with peace fully such as Muslim, Hindu,Cristian, and other Sub Nation.People of Handiyal celebrating all type of religious festival each other. Also it is very famous for annual cultural festival such as Durga puja, paikpare urosh Mubaruk and Boishaki mela.

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Politics And Goverment.

Handiyal has a UP Chairman form of government with MP and other UP members. On--------2011, local school teacher Robiul Karim  elected as a Chairman to remaining 5 years of the term of MP Mokbul Hossain. Robiul Karim is 2nd term as the elected chairman of Handiyal Union.

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Union members

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Handiyal is easily accessed from the rest of the world. It is connected by train bus and boat. Access by the car or bus is provided by World Road Expressway (N 507) and Opdha highway (R604). Also it is connected by boat at monsoon season to Boral Bridge Rail Road Station. Handiyal easy to connected from capital of Bangladesh, because of Bongo Bondhu Bridge. Its Geographic location between Dhaka and Rajshahi. Only two (2) hour’s drive to Dhaka international Airport and one and half  hour’s drive from Rajshahi international Airport.

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Educational Institute Of Handiyal.

  1. HANDIYAL HIGH SCHOOL.                                            http://www.dshe.gov.bd/search_teacher.php?ins_id=8103081301
  2. M. A. SAMAD TECHNICAL & BUSSINESS MANEGMENT COLLEGE. http://masamadtechnicalandbmcollege.com/rules.php